Get fit, not just reduce centimeters

To be well on the outside and inside, it is convenient to submit the body to a training program adapted specifically to the characteristics of each person and that combines exercises, sports practices and nutritional guidelines. It is what is known as functional training, which acquires techniques and movements that can be replicated in work and social life (not just sports), in order to educate the body to be, in general, better. These three are the most novel and different.

The measure

Giveme5 Fitness is the method of the gym-boutique namesake ( ) and works from five fundamentals: cardiovascular exercise, toning, coordination, flexibility and motivation. It comes from a specific case: “After my daughter’s birth, my wife wanted to recover her figure and devised a functional training that included boxing as a sport, as well as an extra psychological motivation. “I realized that I had to be encouraged by something that I liked, and in turn, worked,” says Fran Murcia, professional basketball exporter and project author. The circuit she has developed is specific for women, with a part of bodybuilding to measure ” etc.). The benefits are noticeable progressively over the course of 15 weeks. etc.). The benefits are noticeable progressively over the course of 15 weeks.

Without excuses

Lack of time, a boring workout routine, unplanned hours … The reasons for not going to the gym can be countless. That is why Marcos Jimenez opened Fit & Care, where “the training method starts from the individual lifestyle, physical condition and body composition of each person, and sets goals that go beyond getting in shape: Maximum is to have fun, to combine disciplines, to have an optimal experience and to generate total confidence with the trainer is great”, explains. Includes Pilates, hypothesise, postural hygiene and nutrition in flexible sessions of 20 to 45 minutes a week, according to availability. As extras, they put at the disposal of the clients sports clothes and towels,

For the most daring

The ZooLook is a gym that is defined as “cool and cane.” In it you can practice and combine the hardest disciplines: Flow works coordination; Wod (Workout Of the Day), high intensity functional exercises to improve muscular endurance and lung capacity; Weight-lifting, and Sport Condition , which improves cardiovascular fitness with baseball, soccer or basketball practice. A team of state-of-the-art machinery and physiotherapy complete the intense plans.

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